Best Waterproof & Underwater Mp3 Players For Swimming

Space Underwater Audio Waterproof Shuffle

Any workout is incomplete without music. Music motivates an individual and distracts him or her from concentrating on the amount of push and pull the body needs to go through. Yes, music makes you less aware of your exertion.

Thus, your workout becomes better and satisfying at the end of the day. But what if you are going for swimming? After all, swimming requires more strength and exertion. Imagine listening to your favorite tunes underwater and swimming along with it. How interesting the exercise would be.

Thanks to the technology which can now give you the leverage to enjoy your favorite music underwater. There are some well designed waterproof underwater mp3 players to boost your swimming workouts.

Listening Music Underwater

Listening music improves your workout and this concept is not new. The science of music and exercise showcase various benefits of listening to music underwater. Let’s face it exercise takes effort, causes discomfort and eventually results in body pain.

You need to push through your limitations and work hard to improve your stamina and performance. Music helps you achieve it easily. Your favorite tune can enhance your exercise and when you can do it on land then why not underwater?

So, get ready to boost your swim workouts with your favorite music. Here is the breakdown of some popular underwater and waterproof mp3 players to make your swim workouts less agonizing and more rewarding.

Audio Flood Apple Shuffle Headphones

Audio Flood Apple Shuffle HeadphonesThe Audio Flood Waterproof iPod Shuffle with True Short Cord Headphones is the highest rated and most durable waterproof shuffle which comes with one year warranty. It has the best sound quality and is an amazing fit for underwater swimmers.

The extension cable makes it an ideal mp3 player for other sports as well. If you love to indulge in different water sports then this device will make your outdoor time more interesting and enjoyable.

You can enjoy 2 GB storage space and 15 hours of battery life. You can store more than 500 songs in this ideal audio device. When you order this online you will not just get a good quality waterproof iPod shuffle but also a swim cap, swim bag for your iPod, headphones, goggles, USB charger and a sync cable. It’s a fair deal at such a price.

As this is the latest generation iPod shuffle, you will also get an inbuilt clip to attach it easily to the goggle strap, shirt or to anything of your choice. It’s a perfect device for any avid swimmer or water sports enthusiast.

The design is perfect and you would not waste time adjusting it. However, it will take some time to adjust. The problem is it doesn’t attach to the bathing suit.


  • A fantastic tool for water
  • Makes your swimming time more enjoyable
  • 15 hours of battery life and 2 GB space.
  • Stores more than 500 songs
  • No voids or empty air spaces
  • Fair price


  • Takes some time to get the sound and adjustment in sync
  • It cannot be shipped to India.

Space Underwater Audio Waterproof Shuffle

Space Underwater Audio Waterproof ShuffleThere is no doubt that music pumps you up during a workout, but when your workout involves the water element you would need something durable. You need something which allows you to listen to your favorite playlist while you are swimming or enjoying other water sports.

This space underwater audio waterproof shuffle is sleek and lightweight which is easy to carry to the pool. It’s the most rated iPod which is also corrosion proof and passed the dept test successfully. Thus, it is ideal to serve the needs of those who want to listen to music while they are dealing with water.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and there are no such hidden instructions which can void the warranty. The best thing is it is endorsed by a National champion and Olympic Gold Medalist in 2008 and 2012. She is Rebecca Soni.

The device also contains a free download of 30-minute audio swim workout by her. The audio tracks help and guide you to reach your maximum speed by conserving maximum energy. After all, the audio covers technique, timing, and efficiency, to help you be a better swimmer.

You will also enjoy a free 1 oz AquaGuard Pre-swim hair defense to keep your hair protected from any damage caused due to salt or chlorine in the water.

The device can easily sync to your iTunes library on a PC and Mac. It comes with 15 hours of battery life and 2 GB memory to store more than 500 songs on your device. The device is first created by Apple and then it is waterproofed by the Underwater Audio. It supports multiple playlists and has a unique VoiceOver button.


  • Short cord waterproof headphones
  • Improved sound quality and fit
  • Optimize your swim with a 30-minute workout by Olympic gold and silver medalist Rebecca Soni and improve your freestyle stroke, breaststroke, and backstroke.
  • Perfect for lap swimmers, triathletes, and all-weather runners
  • 2 GB memory to store more than 500 songs on your device
  • 15 hours of battery life


  • The price may seem to be a little high for certain users but then it works effectively and worth it in the long run.

Waterfi Waterproof Mp3 Player

Waterfi Waterproof Mp3 PlayerFor fresh, salt and chlorine water the Waterfi MP3 player is simply ideal. It’s completely waterproof and allows you to bring your favorite playlists to the pool with 4 times more storage space. Enjoy doing swimming, aqua jogging, surfing, etc. with this highly portable 8GB MP 3 player which also gives you an option to listen to the FM radio.

Clip it to the top of your swimsuit or goggle strap. There will be no loss of signal and the sound will stay consistent throughout. So, if you find your swimming laps to be boring, then simply put on this interesting player and make your swimming time more rewarding.

The 8 GB memory allows holding more than 200 songs so during your swimming session the player will always allow you to enjoy a fresh track no matter how long you are there in the pool. You do not need an additional software set up to drag music to the player.

Select the files on your computer and drag it to your waterproof MP3 player. You also get one year warranty with the player and 30 days no risk guarantee. What can be a better deal than that? You also get short cord headphones with an 11-inch cord so don’t worry about your cord getting tangled at any time.


  • Using the player is absolutely easy
  • 8 GB memory to store more than 2000 songs
  • Durable and certified waterproof body up to 30 feet underwater
  • Concise cord length of 11 inches
  • Includes 4 different pairs of silicone Earbuds
  • FM radio option to make your music listening sessions more enjoyable
  • 8 to 10 hour’s continuous playbacks


  • If the player is not working then check the file format but the player only supports MP3 format files. MP4 files will not work. So, make sure you have the right file format to get the most out of this player.

Sony Walkman NWZW273S

Sony Walkman NWZW273SThe 4 GB Sony waterproof walkman has all the attributes to serve the requirements of a water sports enthusiast and an avid swimmer. It is a cordless one-piece wearable sports music player which has a fantastic waterproof design and allows you to enjoy your water workouts amazingly.

The best part about this walkman is that you just need a 3-minute quick charge for this amazing device and the walkman will have up to 60 minutes of battery life. The USB cable is included for charging the device. Once completely charged, it offers 8 hours of battery backup.

The waterproof design will help to keep the moisture away while you listening to sounds that have a deep bass. Connect it to MAC or Windows and you can drag or drop the necessary music file which you want on your Sony Walkman.

The player supports multi formats of the music files so you will never have a trouble to convert the music file as you will have a lot of choices when it comes to the supported file format of the music files.

The multifunction playback buttons will allow you to search through your music in a simple and refined way. You can have different playlists. A simple tap will help to change the song and a tap and hold option can change the playlist.


  • Wire-free, hands-free music player with a unique design
  • Perfect for running, workouts, swimming, and other water sports
  • Mac and Windows Compatibility
  • Quick 3 minute charge can offer battery backup up to 60 minutes
  • 4 GB memory to store ample of songs


  • There is no display as such but using the buttons is very simple. Tap to change the song and for changing the playlist tap and hold the button. It will take some time to adjust to the device but after a few moves, you will find it really simple.

Pyle Waterproof PSWP14BK Mp3 Player

Pyle Waterproof PSWP14BK Mp3 PlayerIf you are fed up with boring swimming routines then Pyle Flextreme waterproof sport wearable MP3 headset music player is an ideal device for underwater jogging, swimming, etc. You can also wear it to the gym and enjoy regular walking or jogging listening to your desired playlists.

This is a 2-in-1 MP3 player which has an inbuilt 8 GB of flash memory. You can control your music with a simple touch and store many songs of your choice. The device is ideal for use in water up to 2 meters deep. It is also sweat proof and dustproof so you can endure even the strenuous workouts without worrying about the device. It will not get spoilt.

The device offers 10 hours of battery life and compatible with Windows and Mac. Enjoy multi-format playback with WMA and MP3 compatibility. It is ergonomically designed so no matter what type of workout you are going through, the device will not fall out.

The comfortable wrap-around design will help you keep your focus on your workouts instead of the device. Its wire-free includes USB connecting charging cable and replacement earbuds.


  • Wire-free, Dustproof, sweatproof and waterproof
  • Ideal for active lifestyles, swimming, sports, etc.
  • 8 GB flash memory
  • Completely submersible
  • Hours of battery life


  • The player should be completely charged so you can use the device for many days without worrying about the charging else you can be disappointed at the last minute when it’s time to use the device.


So, there are large number of Waterproof underwater mp3 players which you can select as per your budget and choice. Every device has a con but if you weigh the pros then there are many to support your needs.

While swimming when you listen to music you can maintain your stroke tempo and cadence. These music devices will not just make the water sports and other workouts less boring, but will also motivate you to do your workout exceptionally well. Every player comes with a long warranty and high-end features which can support your needs explicitly.

Working out in water has a cooling effect on the body and choosing an underwater mp3 player is an incredible way to exercise. Pump your own tunes and keep the stress away. Being underwater also means that you do not have to feel sweaty or gross after a good water workout. You will also feel more relaxed and sleep better.

Then get ready for ample of water fun now. Exercise in style and stay in shape without getting bored in water. So, choose the best waterproof mp3 player and order today to make your underwater time more worthwhile and amazing every time you go in the water.